Your Real Estate Concierge

Concierge - "People who help and serve people professionally"

Although more and more people are becoming familiar with the term "concierge" very few know where this customer-service based profession originated.  The word "concierge" evolves from the French comte Des cierges, the "Keeper of the Candler," a term that referred to the servant who attended to the whims of visiting noblemen at medieval castles.  Eventually, the name "concierge" came to stand for keeper of the keys at public buildings, especially hotels.

Merriam-Webster online dictionary offers this definition.."a resident in an apartment building especially in France who serves as a doorkeeper, landlord's representative, and janitor. 2: a usually multilingual hotel staff member who handles luggage and mail, makes reservations and arranges tours.

Regardless of the origin, hotels from around the world were the first ones to adopt the concierge idea and offer the service to their guests.  Today, independent concierge companies have brought this ancient serve to the modern world so that now everyone has access to them.

Looking For A Real Estate Agent Who Puts You First?

If you’re planning to buy or sell a home, you want the process to go successfully. If you’re selling, success means getting your property sold quickly and for the highest price possible. If you’re buying, it means finding your next dream home and getting into it, affordably. On top of that, if you’re like most of my satisfied customers, you also want everything to go smoothly, with as little stress as possible.

How can you ensure all that happens? By working with a real estate agent who truly puts you first.

So What Will I Provide You As Your Concierge?

I will introduce you to some of the many "C's" in our contract.

I will use a calm-cool-collected approach that will give you complete confidence as a consumer to confide in me and to give you competent service to where you will have that client to consultant Win/Win relationship.

You will be well-versed in the process of selling or buying a home.  You will get the clarity, confidentiality, communications, and closure all within the conduct of ethical practice.

I will walk you through the terms and conditions of a contract and words like caveat, certificate of title, current real property reports, certificate of compliance, closing costs, conveyance, comparables and caveat Emptor are a short list of many words that we may cover. 

And when all is said and done, when your home is bought or sold and you are happy with the community in which you reside(d)—I am not done.  I will continue to conduct myself as a Professional in the Spirit of the community and comradery by continuing communication and common courtesy to you and to all those you refer to me.


As for the "KEY". Not only will I be entrusted "Holder of the Key", I will be the key to the successful transfer of the key on a completed closing of the Real Estate contract through my negotiating skills and knowledge as a trained Professional RE/MAX real estate consultant who listens to you, provides expert advice, and works hard on your behalf.

A Little About Me...

In today’s ever-changing global market, making the right choices about your real estate needs can be daunting; the KEY is to have the right real estate professional assist you. I have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry in Central Alberta. I was known as a perfectionist when it came to my projects, and I will bring that same attention to detail, integrity and honesty to work for you in dealing with your real estate needs.

To me “Service is KEY”, Why—because whether you or I go to a restaurant  for dinner or to get our vehicles serviced at a service garage, we expect to be treated well, and in a timely manner which sets foundation for achieving the right result. I serve my clients with much patience, a great listening ear and with great pleasure. So, when the key is handed over to you, that key should turn all the tumblers to open that door into what you now call home! 

 I will help you thru the “Why’s and What’s”. Let me hear, Why you want to sell or buy and What is it you must accomplish. I am a Licensed REALTOR® is all aspects of Real Estate: Commercial, Rural Properties, Residential, and Property Management. I service a broad base area of Central Alberta. In keeping informed and up to date I stay fine-tuned with constant training to be the best I can in my industry. Recent courses taken giving designations are Accredited Buyer’s Representative—ABR, Seniors Real Estate Specialist—SRES, Seller Representative Specialist—SRS, Real Estate Negotiation Expert Certificate Course—RENE

As a long-term resident of the Central Alberta area, the lifestyle is second to none. Alberta offers much diversity in the landscape, work and play. As a result of living in this culturally diverse economic powerhouse, I have raised my family here, ran a small cow/calf operation, and worked and volunteered here. I have worked in the housing industry, as a Power Engineer and Millwright in the oil and gas industry, at the Red Deer Regional Hospital and as an Operations Site Supervisor for Provincial Governments Buildings. I have developed and coordinated an Alberta Soccer Association sanctioned summer camp for 11 years with about 100 kids attending each year. I feel with this expanse of experiences, I am well equipped to work with a broad spectrum of clients. The horizon is wide and open to you as well. Work with an agent that knows.

Central Alberta has camping, trail walking, mountain hiking, skiing, fishing, golfing, performing arts and the list goes on. Folks, it’s all here. Let me show you and you can see for yourself. As a committed community member, I will dedicate my expertise and knowledge to getting you to where you need to be with your family and friends and in a style that suits you. Let me represent you in the honest and down to earth manner that you should expect from someone you can lean on and get things done the way you would expect from your Real Estate Professional!

My personal branding is 

ERS—Exceptional Real Estate Service 

ERS encapsulated by the Blue Circle-Blue Colour implying Honesty, Trust and Dependability!

and my name stands behind it.

Ernie Robert Sandstra!     Your Real Estate Concierge!



  • ABR
  • SRES
  • SRS
  • RENE